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Extreme Close Quarters

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

An altercation is fundamentally changed by the environment. It is, for example, a significant difference whether you fight in a ring or in the octagon.

Comparing the street with a dojo-environment, the difference is significant. There is no soft and even flooring, you are confined by walls, furniture, parked cars or other people. It is necessary to adapt.

At Urban Combat Frankfurt, we use two ECQ boxes to simulate the environment that is present in a street altercation.

These are small boxes that simulate a Walls are padded for safety reasons. Remember: Combatives training should hurt, but not injure. The boxes simulate an elevator or another confined space. By adding obstacles the environment can be additionally modified.

Training in a confined space changes everything! There is no room for avoidance or sparring-type exchange, the only way is forward. While fighting you bump into walls or make combative use of the environment by pinning or hurting your opponent.

Even seasoned martial artists are puzzled how environment changes the dynamics of a fight. The first experience is most of the time pretty surprised and experience a lapse in time back into their beginning years.

ECQ-fighting is eye-opening, and it is great fun at the same time.

You want to try?

Come in and fight out ..


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