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High-tech striking power development

Impact with Attitude.

Heavy hitters have undoubtedly a significant advantage in an altercations.

At Urban Combat Frankfurt, we make use of the high-tech training tool „Schlagmesser for striking power development.

"Power development is no longer theoretical, but measurable, comparable, analytical and replicable, virtually guaranteeing improvements in power."

The tool collects and visualizes detailed data of a strike / kick, e.g. concerning striking power, speed, potential damage, impulse, .. This allows to provide insights and optimization concerning body mechanics, e.g. the kinetic chain or torque. Member use an individual scorecard to track progress. The improvement that can be achieved in only a few weeks is astonishing.

Until now, such tools have mainly been used in professional high-end facilities for e.g. K1, Kickboxing or professional MMA. UC Frankfurt is the first Combatives Dojo to use such a device for training.

Experience your moment of truth - real impact or just a lot of noise? Wanna try? Contact us at


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